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A man needs to have an online doctor visit if he wants to take Lavitra. So, how to do that? Again, all it takes is searching. What happens is that the online doctor must write the prescription since it is not sold across the counter. Then they send the script to an online mail order pharmacy partner that will deliver it personally to the man's door. Almost 22 million web sites are online selling Viagra, Cialis, Levira online! But are they safe to buy from or is every one of them a scam? Well, of course not. It is also a real fact, though, that many customers have been ripped off by what they were sent. For instance, sugar pills and herbs were sent, or empty bottles. It is not cheap either. Additionally, ED drugs can be dangerous if a man has other health issues, such as heart disease. If he takes other medications, they sure can interact in bad ways. Blood thinners are not a good medication to be taking and want ED drugs. It could be a lethal cocktail for sure. A visit to the doc needs to happen so that the doctor can discuss all aspects before writing a prescription. Before ordering from the Internet, be sure to see a doc in person.